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‘Business Triumph’ Festival

05 Жовтень 10:00 06 Жовтень 23:00 2018
Канни, InterContinental Carlton Cannes 58 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, Франція
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We propose the best combination of Business and Luxury pastime - Festival ‘BUSINESS TRIUMPH’

The chance that cannot be missed!

Festival ‘BUSINESS TRIUMPH’ means:

  • Best festival traditions!
  • Incredible networking possibilities!!
  • Best opportunities for carrying out of promotional events!!!
  • VIP-level of participants!!!!

Invited people:

Politicians, businessmen, entertainers, diplomats, owners of successful companies, authors of innovative business projects.

What is the program of the Festival?

  • Imagine a bright and exciting event designed to help you achieve your global business goals, communicate with your dream partners and global business experts, get support from world's leading speakers and business leaders, success recipes from leaders in the field of science, industry, and business from different;
  • Imagine creative parties and receptions, exclusive meetings and master classes, a partner cruise on the Mediterranean and a charity run along the seafront, designed to fill you with inspiration and energy;
  • Imagine a fantastic awards night, press conferences and interviews, presentations and interactive exhibitions, other creative PR-steps to make your business success become known around the world;

And now transfer this firework of events to Cote d'Azur of France, Cannes, the world capital of festivals – and we will get a unique festival ‘Business Triumph’, something special, something unique that can’t be missed!

After great success of the last year's festival, we are pleased to announce that this business festival will be held again in Cannes on 5-6 October and will focus on five key Platforms.


This key platform is designed to ensure the dynamic development of your business through the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Participation in it will help you create new and profitable business relations with investors, buyers, and potential partners.

The platform includes presentations of successful companies and speeches of recognized business gurus such as Summit of Leaders organizing committee Chairman - Prof. John W.A. Netting (Internationally acclaimed expert with a high level of professional experience, having worked closely with Rolls Royce, IBM, and ICL; Joint Managing Partner, International Strategic Management, Oxford, UK); Global Club of Leaders President, great coach and hearty friend - Christina Briggs (Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives, called Business Alliance under auspices of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce; CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK) and Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, Founder & President of European Medical Association, Belgium (also co-founder and current President of the European Association for Preventive, Predictive and Personalized Medicine, Belgium).

Discussion panel ‘Secrets of Triumph in Contemporary World. Inspiring Success Stories’

The panel includes:

  • Presentations and speeches from the leaders of top regional companies.
  • Matchmaking and exclusive meetings with such VIP-guests as Nigerian born and London-based fashion maestro Mr. Adebayo Jones; forerunner in contemporary African fashion, leading Nigerian fashion designer Mrs. Zizi Cardow and the queen of the backflip Ms. Surya Bonaly (French former competitive figure skater / Coach / Three-time World silver medalist / Five-time European champion / The 1991 World Junior Champion / Nine-time French national champion).
  • An interactive exhibition of partner and investment proposals ‘The Way to Success: Milestones and Achievements’.


  • Do you agree that a strong and independent leader is admirable and inspiring?
  • Do you agree that the image of the manager makes the company's image and helps to achieve success in business?
  • Do you know that the image of the manager works even in his absence?
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to attend master classes from world experts in the field of leadership, business etiquette, and protocol, personal branding.


Our Festival is a platform for active communication, here people get acquainted, exchange knowledge and experience, carry out business negotiations with future partners. Strong business ties are established here, a new business community is born. Become a part of it!

The program includes receptions, cocktail parties, business lunches, excursions, walks and competitions for the purposes of informal communication during two days of the festival.


The record-breaking impulse for new achievements and success in business.

We have been carrying out global business events for more than 20 years and we know how to make our Festival an unforgettable and infusive Place of Power where all participants will feel inspiration, excitement and incredible vibe. This living energy will remain in you throughout the year after the event and bring on the explosive growth of creative energy, creativity, and achievements.

You will experience:

  • European Awards Night
  • Fashion defiles from trendy African designers
  • Tasting of Provence wines and cuisine from the best sommeliers and culinary specialists of Côte d'Azur
  • Partner cruise ‘A Way to Perfection’
  • Greetings from artistic experts
  • Culmination of the festival – Exclusive gala-reception ‘Business Triumph’
  • Partner race ‘The Triumphal Mile’ is one more zing of our festival. We invite you to join its participants!


Participation in the Festival is a public presentation of achievements in the field of business and management, quality of products and services. The world level of the event, its presentability, as well as the venue of the Festival, will become a novel tool for PR-communications of the company represented by you.

Within the framework of this platform, the organizers provide:

  • Live broadcast of the main events on official websites of the festival and its partners, as well as on the YouTube channel
  • The exclusive right to invite mass media representatives for festival participants
  • Interviews and autograph signing sessions
  • Press conferences
  • Exclusive Red Carpet photo shoots by well-known Cannes event photographer Christian Roy, master with over 10 years’ experience of fashionable photography. Photo session materials will be included in the Exclusive Socrates Almanac Edition 'Modern awards in the masterpieces of world painting' which is about to release.
  • Special gifts from partners and sponsors of the festival.

Are you interested?

Then we are waiting for you at the ‘Business Triumph’ Festival!

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Prof. John W.A. Netting
Prof. John W.A. Netting

Summit of Leaders, Chairman

Christina Briggs
Christina Briggs

Global Club of Leaders, President

Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola
Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola

European Medical Association (Belgium), Founder & President



General Partner

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компанія:Summit of Leaders



Ms. Anastasia Mallwill inter@ebaglobal.co.uk

Ms. Julia Bradshaw julia.bradshaw@ebaglobal.co.uk

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